Welcome to Drone Buff and welcome to the age of the Drone!  What is a Drone?  Drones are aircraft, flown by pilots on the ground via a radio control or wireless connection.   Drone manufacturers have recently been able to offer affordable, yet highly reliable and light weight drones for personal and small business use.

Drones are used for many different tasks, and new ways to use them are being found daily.  Here are just a few options:

  • Private surveillance
  • Security
  • Aerial photography
  • “Walk throughs” – This is commonly found in the real estate market for homes and land
  • For fun

DroneBuff is here to share information, news, and reviews on drones and quadcopters.

Who runs this site?

LarryDeane300My name is Larry, and I became interested in personal Drones in 2013.  I found them via some social media posts and videos I ran across while surfing the web one evening.

I was amazed how how advanced the technology had become, and excited by the promise of being able to hook-up a GoPro camera, and doing aerial photography.

I guess you could say I, nearly overnight, became a “Drone Buff”.

From Wikitionary: Buff – A person who is very interested in a particular subject; an enthusiast. 

But don’t think I just recently developed an interest in remote control vehicles.   When I was 12, my family visited Walt Disney world, and I was amazed by the audio Audio-Animitronics technology.   I graduated with a BS Degree in Computer Science, and did my under-graduate thesis on Robotics Systems and auto navigation.   We took a Denning Robot, that was remote controlled, and programmed it to learn it’s environment and avoid obstacles, including moving obstacles like people.

My intent was to go on to grad school and pursue a job in robotics, possibly even working at Disney.  Unfortunately, life chose another path for me, and while I’m still a software developer, I don’t work on robotics, but the technology has continued to fascinate me.  The recent advances in personal drone technology captured my attention right away.

Anyway… TL;DR

Now, I just love flying around the various Drones I own, and using their HD cameras to capture unique perspectives and scenes.

Drone Buff will focus on providing high quality reviews of personal drones, news updates, informational articles, along with videos and photography taken from drones with cameras from all over the world.