Aerial photography

Aerial PhotographyAerial photography using Drones has been growing in popularity for the past couple of years, ever since higher end Drones equipped with High Definition cameras began to emerge on the market.The growth of aerial photography was spearheaded by Drone hobbyists, but now some of these hobbyists have gone commercial.  Additionally, many companies that previously used helicopters or air planes to capture aerial photography, are now switching to using Drones.  Not only is this significantly decreasing costs, but it’s also causing huge growth in this field.

Even traditional still photo photographers are jumping into this new business model, purchasing quadcopters, and not only filming traditional aerial photography for clients, but also using the Drone’s aerial video capture to add to their line of products for wedding, anniversaries and personal and family photo sessions.

Drones for Aerial Photography

As we mentioned above, the traditional goto method of capturing aerial video and photography used full size helicopters and air planes.  For many companies and clients though, this option was just too expensive.  Typical aerial photo shoots, even short ones could cost thousands of dollars.

To keep the costs down of the “average Joe and Jane”, aerial photography companies and hobbyists began using kites, equipped with high definition cameras.  While kites didn’t provide a great deal of control, they did meet the need of providing aerial video and still frame photos.  This worked great for a few years, and then personal drones began to emerge on the market, and at very affordable prices.

Drones equipped with High Definition cameras, especially Drones with GoPros are now easily very affordable for everyone, and readily available.   The selection of drones available for aerial photography is already very large, and growing daily.  This of course makes picking the best Drones with cameras a bit difficult.

In fact, drone use for aerial photography has become so popular, that he Federal Aviation Administration has had to step in, and not only create rules for Drone pilots and Drone use, but they’ve also mandated registration for all Drone use, both commercial and personal.  Commercial use of Drones has to be explicitly approved by the FAA.

Aerial photography is changing our world, and new possibilities and uses continue to emerge.  In fact, as a result of all of these new uses for Drones, new job and job markets have begun to emerge.  Drone pilots for commercial use are currently in very high demand, and new start-up companies specializing in the use of Drones have emerged and become very successful.

Interested in Aerial Photography for Drones, check out our articles and aerial photography videos below:

Top 5 Video Drones – Best drones for filming

Today, video drones, also known as quadcopters or flying drone cameras are among the top selling products online. When they were first introduced they were seen as the marvel of technology which will revolutionize the world now to this day hobbyist enjoy using them. People often use these drones to record incredible aerial videos and take breathtaking photos. Whether you ...

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Best Drone for GoPro

Best Drones for GoPro

The GoPro camera revolutionized the “action” photography industry, providing a small, resilient, and high definition camera that is easy to attach to pretty much anything.   Drone enthusiasts quickly realized the benefits of these awesome little cameras, and began attaching them via various different mechanisms to their quadcopters. Not soon after, manufacturers saw the demand, and quickly began creating quadcopters with both GoPro ...

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DJI Inspire 1

Best Quadcopter with Camera Guide

Until just few years ago, aerial photography required special camera equipment, either a helicopter or airplane and a pilot to fly one.  Quadcopters with cameras, and in particular High Definition (HD) cameras changed that.   Today, photographers can purchase HD equipped quadcopters (personal drones) that allow you to take aerial photography photos and video unlike anything in the past.  The quality ...

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#Quadthemovie – Official Trailer

This is the official trailer for #QUADthemovie (dir. James Boyd).  Video was shot with DJI Phantom 1 & 2 quadcopters, Zenmuse H3-3D & 2D gimbals, and GoPro Hero 3/3+ cameras.   It was edited, colored, and film grained in FCPX. Some minor stabilization on some shots, but most shots are not stabilized. This project was shot in entirely in California.

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Wakeboarding on Don Pedro

Josh Storrer wakeboarding on Don Pedro, photographed by Philip Lima.  Shot using a .  Philip was piloting from the boat says: “I was fighting a 10-15MPH wind depending on which direction we were heading”.

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Drone Video Yacht Fire

Drone captures yacht fire on video

Check out this Yacht Fire drone video, by Kurt Roll, who was filming a friends boat, saw the smoke and decided to investigate and film using his quadcopter.  The HD video of the Yacht is amazing, and using the provides a view not normally seen.  I do feel incredibly sad for the owner, a boat like that just can’t be ...

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Quadcopter Video of Beijing

“Beijing from Above” shot by Trey Ratcliff using his new , which unfortunately was later confiscated by customs.  This is a beautiful quadcopter video of Beijing, captured in perfect lighting conditions. A great example of the incredible video and unique perspective that quadcopters can capture.

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Aerial Photography

Drones for Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has been growing in popularity for the past couple of years.  The trend of aerial photography is being spearheaded by hobbyists but now some commercial applications have also started opening up, which means a huge growth in this field in the coming years. Drones for Aerial Photography Before drones or quadcopters were available, people have been making use ...

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