Hubsan X4 H107

Buying your first quadcopter

Now that you understand all the basics of quadcopter drones, it’s time to get hands on and buy your first quadcopter.   All of the theory in the world won’t help you actually learn to fly a quadcopter.  You must get one in your hands and begin flying.

Which quadcopter to buy as your first quadcopter is a highly debated topic:

  • Some experts recommend building your own, as it’s the best way to learn and understand the underlying technologies and design.
  • Others recommend purchasing a high-end quadcopter as they are generally easier to fly and more stable.

Here at DroneBuff, we disagree with both of these strategies.

While building your own quadcopter will definitely teach you the principles and underlying technologies behind quadcopters, unless you just like building things, building your own quad is a waste of time.  There are plenty of really nice RTF quads on the market today.

As for purchasing a high-end quadcopter from the get go – waste of money.  Nothing worse than dishing out $500.00 + for a high-end quadcopter only to crash and break it within your first few minutes of flying.  Trust us, you will crash it … numerous times.

Your first quadcopter – Hubsan X4

What do we recommend as your first quadcopter?  We recommend purchasing a quadcopter that’s:

  • Very low cost
  • Very Durable
  • Without too much technology
  • Available spare parts

The best beginner quadcopter, and the one that we recommend to be your first quadcopter is the Hubsan X4.  The Hubsan is less than $50.00, extremely durable, and has all of the basics to make flying fairly easy, but not too easy.  The X4 flies great both indoors and out, and can handle minor wind with no issues.

If you aren’t convinced that the Hubsan X4 is the best option for you, we recommend reviewing our Drone Buyer’s Guide for a complete list of a available RTF models.  There are a number of inexpensive models, but trust us, the Hubsan X4 is currently the best value for the money.  The Hubsan was my first quadcopter, and I’ve crashed it numerous times and am still yet to even have to replace a propeller blade.  That’s my X4 pictured above.

If you are interested in drones and quadcopters for aerial photography, than you might want to consider the Hubsan X4 H107C with HD 2MP Camera which is almost identical to the X4 but includes an onboard HD camera, and allows you to record to an SD card.

What else you do need?

The Hubsan X4, and most other quadcopters come with everything you need to get started, straight out of the box.  They include the controller, rechargeable battery, the quadcopter itself, and an instruction manual.  Many (like the Hubsan X4) even include replacement propeller blades.  The only thing you really have to buy is batteries for the controller.

We do recommend buying two additional items, if available:

  • Propeller Blades Protection Guard – These will minimize damage to your rotors when you fly into something.   The protection guards are the primary reason I haven’t had to replace any blades yet.
  • The Hubsan X4 Quadcopter Crash Pack – The crash pack comes with everything you need to repair your Hubsan after a bad crash.  We recommend this option for the extra battery, which will double your flight time.

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