Welcome to our Drone Guides page.  This page contains a list of our extensive guides intended to help you learn more about drones, make educated purchase decisions, and find the right drone for your needs. Our guides will also help you get started with your drone, especially if you are a beginner.

Drone Guides for Beginners

Are you a beginner to Drones and Quadcopters?   Not sure where to start, what model to get, or how to begin flying?  Our Drone Guides for Beginners will answer all of your questions and get you started in the right direction.

Our Guides start get you started with all the basic necessary information, including teaching you how to buy a drone and even fly it:

Drone Buyers Guide

Drone Buyer's GuideAre you interested in buying a new drone or quadcopter, but not sure where to start or how to find all of the most popular models available?  Our drone buyer’s guide will not only help you find all of the available quadcopters, but we’ll also help you determine the right one for your needs, and teach you all of the basic things to look for when making your drone purchase.

Check out the Drones for Sale Guide.

Small Quadcopter Guide

Smallest QuadcopterSmall Quadcopters, also called nano quadcopters or micro quadcopters are quadcopters that are very small and generally designed to fly indoors.  Many hobbyists and professionals are very interested in small quadcopters due to their small size, ability to navigate small places, and just due to their amazing technology.

Curious to see the World’s Smallest Quadcopter?   Want to see all of the small quadcopter models available?

Head over to our Small Quadcopter Guide.

Best Quadcopter Guide

Best QuadcopterTheir are many different quadcopter models on the market, and new models become available each day.  Which models is the best quadcopter?  That all depends on your needs, and whether you are new to drones or an experienced quadcopter pilot.  Our best quadcopter guide will help you find the top rated quadcopter for your personal needs.

Below you’ll find more of our complete Drone Guides:

Best Drone for GoPro

Best Drones for GoPro

The GoPro camera revolutionized the “action” photography industry, providing a small, resilient, and high definition camera that is easy to attach to pretty much anything.   Drone enthusiasts quickly realized the benefits of these awesome little cameras, and began attaching them via various different mechanisms to their quadcopters. Not soon after, manufacturers saw the demand, and quickly began creating quadcopters with both GoPro ...

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Drones for kids

Drones for kids

Drones, and in particular quadcopters, are incredibly popular right now all around the world.  They are flying off the shelves literally as fast as stores can stock them. While sometimes difficult to get, the demand has really increased the number of choices we have, and there are some really awesome drones available right now, with great features, and even low ...

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What is a Drone Featured

What is a Drone? An Essential Guide

We live in a world and age where the thirst for technology has soared in recent years. Due to the expansion of technological advancements, mankind has been able to create devices most scientists living in the 20th century couldn’t even dream of. One of the best technological advancements that were created this century is the drone and they are changing the way ...

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Best Cheap Quadcopters Guide

While high end quadcopters are the way to go if you’re looking for features and high definition cameras, they’re expensive.  As a result, purchasing a high end quadcopter as your first quad or even purchasing one just to play around with isn’t always the best option.  I mean, who wants to sink $500.00 into a new DJI Phantom, just to end ...

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DJI Inspire 1

Best Quadcopter with Camera Guide

Until just few years ago, aerial photography required special camera equipment, either a helicopter or airplane and a pilot to fly one.  Quadcopters with cameras, and in particular High Definition (HD) cameras changed that.   Today, photographers can purchase HD equipped quadcopters (personal drones) that allow you to take aerial photography photos and video unlike anything in the past.  The quality ...

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Hubsan X4 H107

Buying your first quadcopter

Now that you understand all the basics of quadcopter drones, it’s time to get hands on and buy your first quadcopter.   All of the theory in the world won’t help you actually learn to fly a quadcopter.  You must get one in your hands and begin flying. Which quadcopter to buy as your first quadcopter is a highly debated ...

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Smallest Quadcopter

Best Micro Quadcopter Guide

A micro quadcopter (also called mini quadcopter) is a really small quadcopter.  While there is no formal definition of what makes a quadcopter a micro quadcopter, most would agree that mini quadcopters fit in your hand and are very lightweight. Why choose a micro quadcopter over larger models?   There are few reasons.  Micro quadcopters are: Inexpensive Perfect for flying indoors Able ...

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Quadcopter Reviews

What is a quadcopter?

While drones can also be planes or helicopters, the most popular personal drone right now is the quadcopter.  Quadcopters are popular due to their small size, precision control, agility, power and stability.  Quadcopter design has become to standard for personal and commercial drones, while the military still seems to favor more traditional plane like designs. What is a quadcopter?   Let’s take a ...

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What is a drone

What is a Drone?

Welcome to the dawn of the drone age, but what is a Drone exactly? For most, the word drone brings to mind science fiction, military operations, surveillance or maybe your mind goes back to the 70s Cartoon show “The Jetsons” where flying robots were common in the skies. The confusion has led to many people wondering: What is a drone ...

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DJI Phantom with GoPro

DJI Phantom Model Guide

DJI Innovations is currently one of the most well known quadcopter manufacturers in the drone industry.  This is due to their release of the incredibly popular and advanced Phantom “ready-to-fly” model released in 2012.   Since then, DJI has introduced the Phantom 2 along with a number of other models based on the Phantom 2 platform. The DJI Phantom has ...

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