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Hubsan X4 H107

Buying your first quadcopter

Now that you understand all the basics of quadcopter drones, it’s time to get hands on and buy your first quadcopter.   All of the theory in the world won’t help you actually learn to fly a quadcopter.  You must get one in your hands and begin flying. Which quadcopter to buy as your first quadcopter is a highly debated ...

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Smallest Quadcopter

Best Micro Quadcopter Guide

A micro quadcopter (also called mini quadcopter) is a really small quadcopter.  While there is no formal definition of what makes a quadcopter a micro quadcopter, most would agree that mini quadcopters fit in your hand and are very lightweight. Why choose a micro quadcopter over larger models?   There are few reasons.  Micro quadcopters are: Inexpensive Perfect for flying indoors Able ...

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