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Quadcopter owner threatened with confiscation

A Quadcopter owner and pilot was threatened with confiscation of his quadcopter recently while preparing to do some aerial photography of a friend riding his bike.  The situation occurred in a public park in Detroit, MI. Officer’s approached the pilot, Jonathan Hair, as he was preparing to fly his quadcopter and begin filming his friend.   Johnathan began filming the officers using his cell ...

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FAA Drone Rules – New rules for Model Aircraft Operators

Update: The FAA now requires that nearly all Drones must be registered and marked appropriately. The FAA issues new rules for drones in a press release yesterday that has model aircraft and drone enthusiasts in an uproar.  Here’s the release on the new FAA Drone Rules: For Immediate Release June 23, 2014 Contact: Les Dorr, Jr. or Alison Duquette Phone: (202) 267-3883 ...

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Drone Video Yacht Fire

Drone captures yacht fire on video

Check out this Yacht Fire drone video, by Kurt Roll, who was filming a friends boat, saw the smoke and decided to investigate and film using his quadcopter.  The HD video of the Yacht is amazing, and using the provides a view not normally seen.  I do feel incredibly sad for the owner, a boat like that just can’t be ...

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Prohibited NPS

Drones Prohibited in National Parks

Hot off the presses, Drones Prohibited in National Parks. The National Park Service announced that Director, Jonathon B. Jarvis signed a policy that prohibits launching, landing or operating drones on lands or waters administered by the National Park Service. Here at DroneBuff, we see this as a fairly significant set-back, as it will really limit your ability to get some ...

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