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Smallest Quadcopter

Best Micro Quadcopter Guide

A micro quadcopter (also called mini quadcopter) is a really small quadcopter.  While there is no formal definition of what makes a quadcopter a micro quadcopter, most would agree that mini quadcopters fit in your hand and are very lightweight. Why choose a micro quadcopter over larger models?   There are few reasons.  Micro quadcopters are: Inexpensive Perfect for flying indoors Able ...

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Estes 4606 Proto X Quadcopter

Big Fun In A Tiny Package: Estes Proto X 4606 Quadcopter Review

  Pros: Very durable, fun and easy to fly quadcopter.  Excellent as indoor only quad and for beginners looking to learn how to fly a quadcopter.  Low price. Cons: Unstable outdoors in even small amounts of wind.  Very short battery life.  Controller is a little small compared to other quadcopter models.       The first thing that you’re likely to notice ...

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