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Hubsan X4 H107

Buying your first quadcopter

Now that you understand all the basics of quadcopter drones, it’s time to get hands on and buy your first quadcopter.   All of the theory in the world won’t help you actually learn to fly a quadcopter.  You must get one in your hands and begin flying. Which quadcopter to buy as your first quadcopter is a highly debated ...

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Smallest Quadcopter

Best Micro Quadcopter Guide

A micro quadcopter (also called mini quadcopter) is a really small quadcopter.  While there is no formal definition of what makes a quadcopter a micro quadcopter, most would agree that mini quadcopters fit in your hand and are very lightweight. Why choose a micro quadcopter over larger models?   There are few reasons.  Micro quadcopters are: Inexpensive Perfect for flying indoors Able ...

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Quadcopter Reviews

What is a quadcopter?

While drones can also be planes or helicopters, the most popular personal drone right now is the quadcopter.  Quadcopters are popular due to their small size, precision control, agility, power and stability.  Quadcopter design has become to standard for personal and commercial drones, while the military still seems to favor more traditional plane like designs. What is a quadcopter?   Let’s take a ...

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What is a drone

What is a Drone?

Welcome to the dawn of the drone age, but what is a Drone exactly? For most, the word drone brings to mind science fiction, military operations, surveillance or maybe your mind goes back to the 70s Cartoon show “The Jetsons” where flying robots were common in the skies. The confusion has led to many people wondering: What is a drone ...

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DJI Phantom with GoPro

DJI Phantom Model Guide

DJI Innovations is currently one of the most well known quadcopter manufacturers in the drone industry.  This is due to their release of the incredibly popular and advanced Phantom “ready-to-fly” model released in 2012.   Since then, DJI has introduced the Phantom 2 along with a number of other models based on the Phantom 2 platform. The DJI Phantom has ...

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Aerial Photography

Drones for Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has been growing in popularity for the past couple of years.  The trend of aerial photography is being spearheaded by hobbyists but now some commercial applications have also started opening up, which means a huge growth in this field in the coming years. Drones for Aerial Photography Before drones or quadcopters were available, people have been making use ...

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How to fly a quadcopter

How to fly a quadcopter the easy way

A quadcopter is a type of helicopter that has four blades instead of two.   Some of the most popular personal drones on the market right now are quadcopters due to how flexible they are, including the ability to hover.   While not terribly difficult, learning how to fly a quadcopter takes practice and is not something most people will just ...

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DJI Phantom 2

What’s the best quadcopter?

UPDATED 11/5/2015 – Quadcopters are currently the most popular form of personal drone technology.  Quadcopters grew in popularity due to their small size, agility and their ability to be precisely controlled.  Quadcoptor sales over the past few months are literally, off the charts. Early Quadcopter designs suffered from poor stability and limited control ability, but recent technology advances have made quadcopters stable and very ...

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