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Quadcopter Reviews

What is a quadcopter?

While drones can also be planes or helicopters, the most popular personal drone right now is the quadcopter.  Quadcopters are popular due to their small size, precision control, agility, power and stability.  Quadcopter design has become to standard for personal and commercial drones, while the military still seems to favor more traditional plane like designs. What is a quadcopter?   Let’s take a ...

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DJI Phantom 2

What’s the best quadcopter?

UPDATED 11/5/2015 – Quadcopters are currently the most popular form of personal drone technology.  Quadcopters grew in popularity due to their small size, agility and their ability to be precisely controlled.  Quadcoptor sales over the past few months are literally, off the charts. Early Quadcopter designs suffered from poor stability and limited control ability, but recent technology advances have made quadcopters stable and very ...

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