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UDI U818A Quadcopter

Pros: A great choice for new quadcopter owners.  The UDI U818A is stable, easy to fly and agile.   It includes extra rotors and two battery packs in the box.   The UDI also has built in rotor protectors, which is great for indoor flying and for new pilots learning to fly.  Good quadcopter for beginners. Cons: Low resolution camera.  The instruction ...

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Smallest Quadcopter

Best Micro Quadcopter Guide

A micro quadcopter (also called mini quadcopter) is a really small quadcopter.  While there is no formal definition of what makes a quadcopter a micro quadcopter, most would agree that mini quadcopters fit in your hand and are very lightweight. Why choose a micro quadcopter over larger models?   There are few reasons.  Micro quadcopters are: Inexpensive Perfect for flying indoors Able ...

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